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Digital Ninja Bot

AI Assistant trained on Real Data, to Automate Sales, Lead Generation, Marketing, Conversion Optimization, Surveys & Feedback, Appointment Booking, Customer Support, and Much More! 

Meet Yassir Mahadi, The Founder of Digital Ninjas Bot

If there is anything I am passionate about, it’s creating a technology that can make your business operations much easier! The Digital Ninjas Bot is just that perfect solution for this need!

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Digital Ninjas Bot:

Your 24×7 AI Business Assistant!

Can be trained using your own data, such as your website URL, PDFs, or DOC files. To provide more personalized and human-like responses to questions specific to your brand. No more canned and generic responses!

Live Chat 24/7 With Unlimited Customers !

Interact with your website visitors through live conversations in real-time, offering immediate support and help. You can have as many Bots as you need to manage large numbers of inquiries, to provide tailored experiences, and enhance customer satisfaction.

User friendly, and Human-like response!

Interact and engage in real conversations like a human would do. Respond to inquiries based on your real data and reward Your customers for successfully completing a task or a purchase at the end of their journey.

How can I set up the bot?

Don’t worry. We have a huge library of done-for-you templates to hit the ground running and launch your chatbot within a second. No technical experience needed.

Smart with Analytics & Data More than Humans!

You get access to a record chat history, traffic data, and analytics. See what customers are saying and boost revenue and ROI with data driven optimizations.

Can connect with Thrid- Party Extensions!

It can easily connect and work together with other external applications such as Zapier integrations. Which helps you can gather details like customer email addresses, phone numbers, names, and many more… All on autopilot!

The Good News…

When someone visits your website, the chat bot will automatically detect their location and display messages in their local language. This personalized chat experience can help increase sales by making it easier for visitors to communicate with you.

You have complete control on your Data…

Unlike other chat bots, Digital Ninjas Bot, is 100% trained based on your data. You can train it from your Website URL, PDFs, Knowledgebase or DOC files. You have a full control on your data.


Your AI Human Companion, is Built to Emotionally Engage, Capture Attention, Boost Engagement, Build Trust, and Wow Your Audience!


7 Easy Ways To Profit With Digital Ninjas Bot

Your perfect partner, designed to be your full-time Business Assistant 24/7 on autopilot! 

Offers 24/7 real life Customer support 100%
Convert pre-qualified leads to buyers 100%
Serves thousands of customer on autopilot reducing cost of operation 97%
Answer customers in their language 100%
Reduce baunch rate, ideal for Google SEO 99%
Automate sale of your product/services 100%
The posibilties are endless... 100%


Still wondering if this Technology is the right tool for your Business?

Digital Ninjas Bot fully automates revenue generating tasks using AI, such as lead generation, sales, marketing, customer support, table bookings, surveys, and more. Ideal for agencies, CBOs, NGOs, business owners, digital marketers, and any person who wants to cut the cost of operation…


The World's First AI To Automate Sales, Marketing & Customer Support All Under One Roof...

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Bring your brand to life by Creating a lasting impression, boost engagement rates and Emotionally engage your prospects with this multi-dimensional chat.