4 Ways To Improve Your Social Media Marketing By Making Friends

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Friendship on social media is essential. Some are long-term, while others are just getting started, but they are what bring us together as humans.

Having this kind of friendship is similar to positioning your business on social media.

three “friend” groups, your long-term business growth needs to prioritize the fourth group – future “friendships” you have not yet formed.

You can’t just cast a wide net in the hopes of catching a few fresh prospects. That is a waste of both time and money.
So, here are four friendship guidelines to govern your content marketing and help you find new customers.

You must improve your social media marketing in order to continue nurturing and courting the following “friends”:

1#. Social Media Marketing hack: Choose your friends wisely

Part of making wise friendships is going to the correct areas to meet people with whom you will be compatible. So it is with social media.

You must comprehend each social channel in order to select only ones that will produce results. It is a tremendous error to jump on every new platform that appears. You’ll be broad but shallow, and your message will be diluted on all of them.

How to choose good friends on social media

Who is your target market?

What information do you know about them? They are more than age or gender. You must go far further to establish that persona of your average buyer. Give your consumer a name (Johnson or Joe) and answer numerous questions about him/her.

If you are unsure whether you have created a detailed enough persona, there are numerous templates available.

Where do Johnson and Joe spend their online time? Use the research that has already been done for you to save time and erroneous starts.

What kind of material do you need to create for Johnson or Joe? And, of all the areas where people hang out, where is the ideal place for that content?

What do you want him/her to do after viewing your content? Getting a “like” is useless. You want a conversion and for that content to be shared. Determine this before creating content for any platform you have chosen.

If you only choose two platforms and master them, your ROI will be considerably greater than if you choose five or six platforms.

2#. Social Media Marketing hack: Engaging and leading your new friends

You want to be useful to Johnson or Joe. You can’t merely create an excellent piece of content to do this. You have to get into it. Make them consume the content.

And no matter how busy you are during the day, you must return to that piece of content frequently. This is how you find out what questions people are asking and what dialogues they are having, and you must always participate. See that is why having 1-2 platforms still takes time.

Create your own style. Do you consider yourself “punchy”? Can you make people laugh? Can you be relaxed? Can you express yourself clearly? All of these things are possible for very skilled marketers.

You must strike a balance between always being the expert and acknowledging others for their contribution (nice to feature your customers). 

Write effectively. This does not imply that you should publish something that your college English professor would enjoy. It means you utilize proper grammar and spelling, as well as adapt your style and language to Johnson or Joe. If you are concerned about this, buy a couple of tools to assist you.

3#. Social Media Marketing hack: Promoting your friendships

Not only for Johnson and Joe but also for the platform you’re using, how you package your material is critical. You can, and should, take the same information and package it differently for each platform you utilize.

First, develop that incredible piece of content; it must be amazingly instructional, interesting, and inspiring if you want Johnson or Joe to read it, enjoy it, share it, or take action as a result of reading it.

Only a teaser with a link is permitted on Twitter. But here’s where you can get a little creative. How many titles can you come up with for the identical piece of content?

You may market it on Twitter numerous times a day under several different highly snappy themes. And, to make things easier for yourself, automate that publishing with Buffer or another automated application.

Have a lot of fun with your audience. Keep in mind that social media is all about friendship and relationships. Show your personality through your posts if you enjoy having fun.

Memes or a joke of the day with an image on Instagram are excellent ways to accomplish this. If Johnson or Joe recognize you as a real person who enjoys having fun, they will return back to you at any time you post.

Support a cause and spread the word about it across all of your platforms. Millennials prefer to do business with companies that care about the environment. Check out Toms Shoes or Headbands of Hope to discover how a company may flourish by supporting a charitable purpose.

Don’t forget to choose a couple of well-known hashtags. You can utilize a variety of hashtag search engines, such as hashtagify.me, and Instagram now has its own search tool, Mulpix. Take a look at how Pottery Barn discovers its followers via hashtags and then showcases their posts.

Start making yourself extremely realistic. Show viewers around your place of business, including your office pet and team members. Tell your team and yourself stories.

4#. Social Media Marketing hack: Using visuals to appeal to your friends

Because it has become such a “force,” this aspect of social media marketing merits its own spot among the four most important friendship guidelines. The numbers are clear: images will receive 53% more “likes” and “shares” on Facebook alone. Of course, many platforms are totally visual.

Visuals must be included in all of your material. Here are several examples:

  • Photos can amaze, inspire, and delight; use them frequently, and the more personal, the better. Showcase yourself, your team, and your clients.
  • Interaction-based surveys, polls, quizzes, and videos are popular and effective. Simply use programs like Snapapp and Canva to produce some gorgeous ones.
  • Infographics are ideal for presenting a large amount of information visually, and they are ideal for LinkedIn and blog posts.

The more creatively you can employ graphics, the more likely your followers will return for more and share them.


Thanks for following a long!

Friendships do not happen by throwing yourself out there for others to find, whether in real life or as part of a social media marketing strategy. They necessitate cautious consideration, introductions, first dates, and the gradual development of trust and shared interests.

Consider Johnson and Joe as friends, people you wish to cultivate and sustain for a long time. You will be successful if you approach social media marketing with this principle in mind. If this content interest you, follow my blog for more articles! And if your have a suggestion please let me know.

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