What Is Marketing Automation & How to Get Started?

Marketing automation

Regardless of the size of their business, marketing automation is necessary for all marketers. Whether you market goods or services is irrelevant. Marketing automation offers valuable resources that are ignored by some.

But before we get started, what is marketing automation?

I can call it the use of machines to do our daily routine work. Software, equipment, or procedures are used in marketing automation to automate everyday work. This enhances productivity or frees up time for other vital duties.

Digital marketing automation begins when we attract more visitors and continues until we produce the necessary conversions using the fresh leads we get from the website and other channels.

This technology has the potential to eliminate the need for human involvement in the conversion process once it is configured because all emails, notifications, and actions will be carried out automatically by automation software.

Automation can be used for independent techniques including email marketing, lead generation, sales, social media management, alerts, analytics, and reporting, or as a component of a larger marketing strategy.

Marketing automation has five key advantages. Here are some ways it benefits businesses and marketers.

First, it Saves time and money

The key advantage of marketing automation is that it can save time and money by automating routine processes like sending emails or posting on social media, which can lower marketing expenses.

Because, to be honest, we know that in marketing, any mistake is very costly, which is why Digital Marketing Automation helps you reduce the margin of error to the greatest extent possible, as well as the expenses that come with it.

Secondly, it Increased sales

The second advantage of automating marketing is increased sales. However, with Digital Marketing Automation, you can obtain more detailed information about your leads and potential clients in order to create a space for communication with them where you can directly attend to them.

This type of tool enables you to establish lead nutrition, where, for example, once the lead subscribes to the newsletter, you can automatically send customized messages and then begin to initiate the dialogue to connect with your audience without delays.

Secondly, because it enables businesses to expand their marketing efforts across numerous touchpoints, campaigns, and channels at the appropriate moment, marketing automation can enhance revenue.

Third, it increases lead conversion

According to Drift, 58% of B2B businesses ignore sales leads. By automating the initial and follow-up touchpoints with prospects and customers, marketers may enhance sales funnels and increase revenue.

4. Enhanced interaction

By addressing numerous consumer requests or difficulties in real-time, automation improves customer service. It is possible to program responses to frequently asked inquiries, including “What is the status of my order?” 

This is why most businesses are implementing chatbots in their system. To have online interaction even during inconvenience. There are still more benefits of using chatbots however in this article, I only want to share how it helps your interact with your audience when you are offline.

5. Better analysis and reporting

Automation can provide marketing teams with more easily interpreted data, information, or insights.

For example, Ahrefs’ Rank Tracker contains information that integrates with this Google Data Studio report that allows you to monitor your Google rankings and competitors.

In conclusion, Marketing Automation can help you improve all of the processes in each of your departments.

This is why these tools can make your life much easier when it comes to developing strategies and meeting goals.

Are you prepared to embrace Marketing Automation? Follow our content to learn more about what you can do for your business or venture.

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