How I Earn Over 20,000 Ksh Sitting Under a Tree!

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Are you a web designer, developer, or involved in educating the next generation of digital experts? I am Yassir Mahadi, and I am a professional web designer, a social media marketer, a mentor and the founder of Digital Ninjas Cloud. Sometimes you may find me also working with different organizations and agencies as a mentor and a freelancer.

I have always been an advocate to change the lives of millions of youth around the world, and I do that by supporting businesses that support humanity. Hosting one website for a business at a time. This is something very incredible I want to share with you. Please I would like you to pay attention, because I strongly beleive this may change your life too as it did on mine!

Web Hosting presented me a golden opportunity to diversify my income stream and complement my job. By offering web hosting plans to Organization, businesses or students at competitive rates, I was able to establish a recurring revenue source with minimal investment.

Understanding the potential of Reseller Hosting is somthing every developer or web designer must know. Especially in the current post-pandemic era where there’s been a surge in website creation. Whether you’re training aspiring web professionals or crafting websites yourself, here’s how Reseller Hosting can become a part of your success story.

What is Reseller Hosting, Exactly?

In simple terms, Reseller Hosting is renting server space in bulk from a larger hosting provider and then creating customized hosting packages to sell under your brand. It’s a business model that allows for significant flexibility and can be a perfect teaching tool for students of web development and design, offering real-world insights into managing web resources.

For me, the journey into reseller web hosting began with designing websites for clients and hosting them on another company’s servers. However, the pivotal moment came when I decided to invest in my own server, transforming not just my business model but also my revenue stream.

Before owning my server, I had previously designed 13 websites for clients, each unique and tailored to their needs. These were hosted under another company, which, while reliable, meant sharing a portion of my earnings. Hosting fees were external costs, and each client’s payment included significant fees that did not come to me.

The decision to acquire my own server was driven by a desire for greater control and independence. Transferring all 13 websites was a meticulous process, but the rewards were immediate. From that day, I started to keep all the hosting fees, significantly boosting my profits. For every website, especially personal ones, I charged 2,000 Kenyan Shillings for hosting and an additional 1,500 for the domain name annually.

In kenya I don’t charge a lot of money for my web design service. I charge around 7500 ksh to 12,000 ksh per project. Even if I charge less than my competitors, I still make more money than them because my clients recieve more value from me than if they could hire any one else. So everyone is a win-win!

When I first started hosting websites on my own server, I focused mainly on personal websites. However, as my business grew, I began to expand my offerings to include business and organizational websites. These types of websites often require more resources, such as higher bandwidth and greater storage capacities, because they handle more traffic and content.

To accommodate the needs of businesses and organizations, I adjusted my pricing model. For these clients, I charge 6,500 Kenyan Shillings Per year. This fee covers not only the basic hosting but also additional services that are crucial for a business or organizational website, such as enhanced security features, backup services, and technical support.

Sometimes, I just focus on social media marketing to find more clients and then hire someone to design the website for me. I also collaborate with other freelancers who help me find more clients. This way, I am able create a large data base of clients increasing my general income.

When I reached 50 websites in 2023, with each website being charged 6,500 Kenyan Shillings per year, my total annual earnings will be 325,000 Kenyan Shillings. After subtracting 1,500 Kenyan Shillings for each domain name and 18,000 Kenyan Shillings for the annual management of the server, my total profit for the year, hosting 50 websites, become 232,000 Kenyan Shillings.

This pricing strategy helps ensure that I can provide high-quality, reliable service that meets the more demanding requirements of business and organizational clients. It also reflects the added value these clients receive from having a robust online presence, which is often critical to their operations.

That means my monthly profit, after accounting for all costs and hosting 50 websites, is approximately 19,333 Kenyan Shillings.

Hosting services might just be the untapped opportunity you’ve been searching for. If you possess the skills to design stunning websites you can also host them, yet I have often seen this lucrative aspect of my business is overlooked.

Imagine this: You designing a beautiful website for a client. Instead of simply handing it off to them and moving on to the next project, you offer to host it too. It’s easier than you think. If you can design a website, you can host it too. And here’s the kicker – having a server isn’t a barrier anymore. With affordable hosting options available, even beginners to web design like you can jump in and start earning.

When I was still working a day job, earning around 13,000 Ksh a month. By offering hosting services, I can supplement my income and gradually transition to full-time freelancing. Hosting just 50 websites could yield a monthly profit of over $19,000 Kenyan Shillings, providing a steady stream of income even when I’m not actively seeking new clients.

In 2023, my job contract ends. Instead of starting a new job right away, I went back to Sudan. I want and spend my afternoons relaxing under a mango tree by the river, enjoying nature. Imagine sitting with cows resting under the mango trees and little chickens pecking at the ground. Life can be wonderful when you make changes to improve it.

With my hosting income covering my expenses, I’m free to roam, work remotely, and live life on my terms. No more trading time for money. Hosting services provide the flexibility and financial stability to pursue my passions while still earning a consistent income. The good news is any time I get a new client, my income increases!

So, how can you get started?

It’s simple. If you can design even a simple WordPress website, you can host it too. We can, set up your server, and start offering hosting services to your clients. With dedication and perseverance, I strongly beleive you can turned your web design skills into a thriving hosting business, providing financial freedom and flexibility to live life on your own terms like me.

Don’t limit yourself to just web design. Hosting services offer a golden opportunity to boost your income, achieve financial independence, and live life on your own terms. Take the leap, explore the possibilities, and unlock the full potential of your skills as a web designer and entrepreneur.

Lets say, “Bluehost as an example, which is a well-known web hosting company, provides a good context to understand the scalability of the hosting business. In their basic plan, Bluehost charges approximately $5 per month.

If they have 10 clients, they earn $50 per month from hosting alone. While this amount may seem little, but the real potential of the business model becomes apparent as the client base grows.

Let’s calculate how much they would be earning monthly when they have 500 clients and then when they have 5,000 clients, just from the basic hosting plan:

With 500 clients, Bluehost would be earning $2,500 every month from their basic hosting plan. When the number of clients increases to 5,000, the monthly earnings soar to $25,000. This example clearly illustrates the scalability of the web hosting business. Even starting from smaller numbers, as the client base expands, the potential revenue grows significantly, demonstrating the substantial earning potential of hosting services as they scale up.

What are the requirements to be better at web hosting?

  • Interest in Web Development: This is a solid starting point as it provides a foundational understanding of how websites are built and function. Knowing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or even wordpress design will help you developing website for your clients. If you don’t know any of this, you will need someone who will design and host for you.
  • Server Management Skills: Previously, you may need basic skills in server management include setting up web server, managing databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL), and handling server security (firewalls, SSL certificates). But now, we do everything for you. You only need to be familiar with control panels like cPanel which is something I am very sure you may already now if you have ever hosted a website for a client before.
  • Understanding of Domain Names and DNS: Managing domain names and DNS (Domain Name System) settings is crucial. This includes knowing how to configure DNS records to ensure websites are accessible to the public. To me, the only skill require here is to know copy pasting. There are 2 links (DNS 1: and DNS 2:) which we will provide you. We will also show you where to paste them to configure your domains. Time require to learn this and implement can be done in less than 3 minutes.
  • Security Practices: Understanding web security is essential to protect websites from threats. This includes implementing security measures like firewalls, SSL/TLS for encryption, regular updates and patches, and monitoring for unusual activities. You may already be familiar with this, if you have ever developed a website before. If you subscribe to our system, you will still learn this for free.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery: Implementing regular backup routines and having a disaster recovery plan in place are critical to protect data and ensure quick recovery in case of a failure or security breach.
  • Customer Support Skills: If you plan to host websites for others, good customer support skills are essential. You’ll need to address clients’ issues, explain complex technical details in simpler terms, and ensure their hosting needs are met.
  • Collecting Subscription Fees: You will need a banking system to collect your hosting fees. Your customers are yours and we don’t collect subscriptions fees for you. Use tools that can manage recurring billing, automatic renewals, and customer subscriptions efficiently. Or if you are working with local clients who may not have electronic banking system like M-pesa, you will need to follow-up with them and receive in cash.

The above mentioned skills can be learned within a week. We have recorded videos that we’ll share with you. In case you encounter any challenge, we are still available to support you.

As a freelancer, you can strive to provide comprehensive solutions to your clients. While many IT programs focus on developing skills like client acquisition and web design only, they often overlook the substantial benefits of offering web hosting services.

I have given you the key and your job is to unlock it! Web hosting can provide a consistent, recurring income that complements the one-time income from designing a website. By hosting the sites you build, you create an ongoing revenue model where you earn from the same client month after month, year after year.

When you host a client’s website, you have more opportunities to introduce them to additional services such as maintenance, security updates, email hosting, and more. This can further increase your revenue and deepen client relationships.

Hosting the websites you design gives you better control over the project from start to finish. It ensures that you can optimize the environment in which the site operates, leading to better performance, fewer technical issues, and a more seamless user experience.


The Time is Now. Reseller Hosting is more than just a trend—it’s a sustainable business model that can support and enhance your professional or educational endeavors in web design and development. By implementing these strategies, you can offer more than just design or coding expertise; you become a comprehensive solution provider.

At Digital Ninjas Cloud, we offer Reseller Hosting and support you with 24/7 expert advice and reliable tools to ensure your venture into web hosting is as smooth and profitable as possible. Explore our plans tailored for the creative and educational communities, and you’ll find one that fits precisely with your ambitions.

We also offer a range of ready-made templates that you can easily customize to fit your interests.

Web call at:


WhatsApp: +254790997505

Feel free to reach out us for more insights or to answer any lingering questions. Your journey towards a thriving Reseller Hosting business starts today!

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