From Refugee to Business Innovator: A Young Entrepreneur Helps His Students Earn 14 Million Kenyan Shillings in Class!

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Among the few refugee Youth who rise From Refugee to Business Innovator!

In today’s fast-changing world, it’s not easy for businesses to stay on top of the newest tech and trends. But Yassir Mahadi, a young entrepreneur who started out as a refugee and became a business innovator, has managed to keep up and empower businesses all over the world, impacting over 1,000,000 people.

In this report, you are going to learn how Yassir has built this incredible technology to empower thousands of youth around the world and, more importantly, how you can apply the same skill set to your own life.

One question that comes to mind is, how did he transition from refugee to business innovator? Yassir was born in Sudan, a country torn by war, where he faced many challenges. He had to leave his homeland and find refuge in Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya. It was here that Yassir discovered his love for technology and saw how it could really change lives.

After finishing high school, Yassir decided to start his own internet business right in the Kakuma refugee camp. His goal was to serve the people around him. At first, it was tough. He didn’t have enough money, and many people didn’t understand why digital presents were so important for business. But Yassir didn’t give up on his dream.

While still at university, Yassir noticed that technology is a big trend. In 2018, he decided to dive into digital entrepreneurship. He learned social media marketing, web design, photography, and film through NGOs such as FilmAid International, NRC, and Solidarity Initiative for Refugees (SIR) right in the camp and a few online programs.

From Refugee to Business Innovator
From Refugee to Business Innovator

Yassir’s journey from a refugee to a business innovator might have gone unnoticed if it were not for a local journalist who spotted his story and published it in a local magazine. Thanks to that story, more and more people started learning about him and the incredible things he was doing.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, everything took off. He started working with African Initiative for Human Development as a digital skills and freelance trainer. Through AIHD, he taught his students how to work online as digital freelancers, connect with customers, and start self-employment, despite the big challenges of the pandemic.

His digital training programs and skills quickly became popular as he helped businesses grow and get more customers.

He also noticed that many business owners didn’t know about the latest digital marketing techniques and weren’t using technology to its full potential. With this in mind, he started offering website design services to support local business owners across various industries.

This experience not only sharpened his skills but also provided him with the knowledge to launch his own web hosting company Digital Ninjas Cloud on June 11, 2022. Within just six months, he had designed and hosted over 30 business websites.

With a clear goal: to help small businesses and non-profit organizations, especially those with tight budgets, get access to professionally designed and functional websites at a lower cost.

As you may already know, a website is more than just an online presence. It can be a dynamic e-commerce platform, to boost sales and revenue for businesses. It can also facilitate easy communication, allowing businesses to update their customers and clients about the latest developments and offerings. Today, having a website will help you, as a business or non-profit organization, establish credibility, and reputation.

One of Yassir’s greatest achievements was during his time working with the Solidarity Initiative for Refugees (SIR), a refugee-led organization (RLO). Being a mentor for the LEAP program, a program from the World University Service of Canada (WUSC) implemented by Solidarity Initiative for Refugees (SIR), Yassir has made a profound impact.

This initiative enabled him to reskill his students effectively, leading them to generate over 14 million Kenyan Shillings in the year 2023. The success of this program is well-documented in the SIR 2023 annual report, providing tangible evidence of its effectiveness.

Through his work at SIR, Yassir is able to teach young people the same digital skills that he learned through his own experiences. He is able to give back to the community that helped him succeed and to help others find new opportunities in the digital world. The good news is that his service is now available worldwide, so long as you are connected to the internet.

Do You Want to Explore the Path to Success with Yassir’s Insightful New Book—And More Opportunities?

Through his book, “Dollars, Dreams, and Donuts,” he shares his wealth of knowledge.

This comprehensive guide delves into his journey and the strategies that have led to remarkable achievements, such as training initiatives that helped students earn over 14 million Kenyan Shillings through digital ventures and how any person can also do that out of the classroom. Access your free copy of the book here: Dollars, Dreams, and Donuts: The Unfiltered Truth About Money.

To celebrate his innovation, and impact the lives of millions of youth around the world, he shares his wealth of knowledge in this latest book. This comprehensive guide delves into his journey and the strategies that led you to such remarkable achievements too.

But that’s not all! Are you a small business owner, a member of a community-based organization (CBO), or an individual who wants to establish a robust online presence for your business? Yassir is currently extending his expertise to help you create professional and functional websites tailored to your needs.

Moreover, for freelancers who are eager to engage in long-term projects, this is a fantastic opportunity for you. We are looking to collaborate on meaningful and impactful work in the digital space.

Interested in getting a professionally designed website, or embarking on a long-term freelance journey? Fill out the form below to reach out directly to Yassir. Don’t miss this chance to transform your business or career with guidance from a proven expert in the field.

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